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Telangana BJP leader denies reports he was arrested for alleged animal husbandrobery

Telangena BJP leader Muthu Prakash said on Wednesday that he was not arrested over alleged animal wifery scam and had been given bail.“I don’t have any information that I have been arrested for any animal husbandrry scam.The allegation against me is baseless.I am cooperating with the Telangen government and am on my way to Goa […]

Simpsons animal wifery

Animal husbandry: What to know article With the advent of a new generation of pet owners, a new breed of pet has emerged: the rabbit.These rabbit-friendly pet owners are creating an entire new industry.But just what is rabbit-loving?Is it a sport?Is the rabbit a food source?Or is it a companion?There are a number of rabbit-specific […]

Marine catch ‘staggering’ in the Gulf of Mexico as US fishery catches up with global fisheries

Marine catch “staggeres” in the gulf of Mexico in the wake of global fishery catch catches, a US official said Wednesday.The US Geological Survey’s Global Fishery Analysis and Research Center (GAFAC) released a report that said the Gulf had captured 2,539,000 tons of fish and shrimp since the start of the year.That’s up about 20% […]

When you put a dog in a cage, can it still be considered a dog?

Animal husbandry: When you think of the word, you think about animals.But what about a human?And how do they work?In this RTE series, we’ll examine the different ways that animals can be considered pets and what that means for the ethical and legal status of a domestic animal.Animal husbandrry: What does it mean to be […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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