The most important advice you should have before going for a ‘virginity test’

How much time do you need for a virginity test?

Here’s our guide to how long to wait and what to expect.

Read moreShare this articleWith the number of cases of human papillomavirus in India increasing at an alarming rate, many people have decided to go to the nearest doctor for a test.

But a new report by an NGO has found that in a country where people don’t know their own immunity, many of them will have to wait a long time.

“The number of patients with ‘virus-positive’ test results is increasing at a rate of over 20,000 per month,” says Shri Gopal Rai, chairman of the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“We know the risk of infection, but in the absence of knowledge, many have not taken the proper precautions.

If we don’t have knowledge, we don.

So how do we ensure that all these people are screened?”

Dr Gopal says that the number one thing that can be done to protect people is to get informed about their immunity and their options.

“People who are HIV-positive can opt for the first stage of a vaccination,” he says.

“The vaccine can be given at the earliest stage, if there is an existing risk for transmission, and then once we know that there is no risk, the second phase can be taken in the same way.”

The vaccine is given in a few injections every six months, but the longer it is given, the greater the risk.

And there is also the possibility of catching a case of the virus in the first injection.

“But if we know we have been tested, we can then decide to take the second injection and vaccinate people in the next round,” says Dr Rai.

Dr Rai says the first vaccination in a population of more than 10 million people can save more than 400 lives every year.

He says this can be achieved if people are vaccinated and then have a blood test in the second round.

“Vaccinating people in two rounds is very important.

If you have a vaccine that is only given once, it is a huge burden,” he explains.”

It has to be done as soon as possible, but it has to have been done.

It is very costly to vaccinate more people in a shorter period of time.”

If you are a woman who is HIV-negative and have been vaccinated, you can also get the vaccine at the same time as men.

Dr Gomati says this is the only way to reduce the risk for a person who is being tested who has not yet come down with the virus.

“There are people who are going to test negative.

This is when we are most worried.

So it is important that we vaccinate them as soon they are positive,” he adds.

For more information on HIV, follow our guide on how to get tested.

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