Man in India’s animal husbandries: How a couple rescued hundreds of animals from a farm to make a meal

An animal husband “couple” in India rescued more than 2,000 animals from an agricultural farm in the northern state of Bihar.

The duo’s journey started on March 18 when the farmers told them that they had an unauthorised livestock operation in their fields.

The farm was set up in 2014 by a family who had taken in about 300 cattle from the neighbouring state of Uttar Pradesh.

They told the farm management that they were not authorised to breed them.

However, they also told them the animals had escaped their hands and were roaming the field, and that the farmers could not afford to have them on the farm.

The farmers agreed to adopt the animals.

But on March 23, the farm staff informed the farmers that the animals were being moved from the farm, and the family was not allowed to keep them.

The couple’s rescue effort was assisted by the Animal Welfare Association of India (AWAI), who rescued the animals, and a local NGO, Save Our Animals.

The AWAI said it was the first time that the rescued animals had been rescued in India.

The AWAI spokesperson, Ashish Prakash, said, “We rescued about 1,400 animals from the two farm houses in Bihar and they were taken to our NGO’s facility.

The rescued animals were taken in for care, which included vaccinations, vet visits and regular checkups.

We have also started working with the farmer to try and get the farm back on its feet.”

The farm owners were reluctant to return the animals to their homes, but Prakosh said they had been told by the farmers’ lawyer that they could return the dogs to their home.

The two farm owners told the police that they would not be able to afford to take the animals back to their own farm, so they had agreed to help.

The rescued animals included a bulldog and two puppies, and are being cared for by Save Our Animal, who are assisting the farmer in getting the farm up and running again.

Prakash said they are looking for more animals to be adopted, and have already reached out to the owner of the farm to offer them to them.

“We are working to save another animal,” he said.

The farmer, whose name is not being revealed, said that he had not been able to bring in animals to his farm due to the high cost of importing and transporting them.

He said that the family had told him they would only allow them to take animals in for vaccinations if he provided them with enough money.

The rescue effort by Save Your Animals was assisted in part by Animal Welfare Advocacy Network (AWAN), which also rescued the cows.

AWAN said that it had rescued at least 1,000 cattle from farming in 2017.

“The farmers are very cooperative with us and are providing the best care for the rescued cows,” AWAN’s executive director Ashish Kumar said.

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