How much is a puppy worth?

Posted November 19, 2018 04:31:25 As the price of puppy-loved pets goes up, more people are opting to buy them.

The Australian Pet Food Council (APFC) reports that there are now more than 2.2 million pet food retailers, up from 2.1 million last year.

“It’s a real boom in the market, and I think it’s good for the industry,” APFC chief executive Michelle McCrae told AAP.

“I think the people that buy dogs, they don’t have a choice.

They can’t afford to pay $10,000 or $15,000 for a dog, so they’re looking for a bargain.”

For many of those that do buy a puppy, it’s an easy decision.

APFC figures show that dog and cat owners spend $3.6 billion on pet food in Australia each year, with the majority of that spent on dog food.

But while many people think they can afford to buy a dog and spend as much as they like on food, a few things can keep them away from pet food altogether.

“People are really cautious about buying dogs,” Ms McCraes said.

“They’re not used to seeing that sort of money spent on pet foods.

They’re used to buying groceries and things like that, and dog food is a bit of a different animal.”

What are dog food ingredients?

Some of the ingredients found in pet food include: whey protein, milk proteins, chicken milk, sheep milk, goat milk, and beef protein.

Other ingredients include salt, sugar, vitamins and minerals, trace elements such as magnesium, zinc and copper, and preservatives such as citric acid.

What is animal husbandries?

Animal husbandries are the process of keeping animals in small spaces, away from humans, that are monitored for food allergies, health and behaviour issues.

“We’ve also seen a lot of animal husbandrys that are not necessarily for pets,” Ms McCullraes explained.

APFC recommends that all pet owners take an animal husbandrier class at their local animal welfare organisation, or go to a pet food retailer. “

For instance, if they’re feeding puppies, it might be a good idea to feed them their own food, rather than feeding them a puppy-type diet.”

APFC recommends that all pet owners take an animal husbandrier class at their local animal welfare organisation, or go to a pet food retailer.

“The idea is that we can look at the best of both worlds,” Ms McMorrae said.

How to find out if you’re allergic to dog or cat food?

It’s important to check the ingredients on your pet’s food before you buy it, and take a food allergy test, too.

“If you’re unsure of the type of food you’re using, then ask a vet or animal health professional,” Ms McCrae said “A pet food company should only be able to be responsible for making a responsible choice about their pet food if the food is labelled for the correct species of animal, is properly tested and contains no other ingredients which could be allergic to your pet.”

It’s also important to test the food on your own pet and see if it’s OK to feed it.

“You should test the dog and make sure it’s healthy, but if it is not healthy, then you should call the company and make the animal a full refund.”

For more information on allergies, animal husbandrisings and pet food, visit the APFC website.

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