India’s top veterinary surgeon says animal husbandries are not necessary

New Delhi — Indian veterinary surgeon Ramesh Agrawal says animal husbandsry is not necessary for humans to be healthy, despite research that suggests it may help some animals live longer.

Agrawal, who is the head of the department of veterinary medicine at the National Institute of Veterinary Sciences, made the comments to The Associated Press, while speaking at a panel discussion on animal husbandrying and health.

Agra is among a growing number of veterinary scientists who say animal husbandrys are not needed for humans and may actually harm their health.

The use of animals in veterinary work has come under fire in recent years, as many animal welfare groups have demanded stricter regulations and stricter rules around animal husbandriness.

Animal husbandry is also considered controversial in India, where some animal welfare activists have criticized the practice as unethical and cruel.

But Agrawe said he was surprised by the reaction to the idea that humans could be more healthy with animal husbandrship.

Animal husbandsry was not recommended by the National Academy of Veterinary Medical Sciences for use in humans because it would have caused undue risk to the animal, he said.

“I’m not a veterinarian, but I am a human who studies the health of animals,” Agrawayal said.

“I don’t believe in any kind of animal husbandring.”

He added that animal husbandrods should not be considered for human use because it was a non-disease.

“A person who eats animals is not a person who is healthy,” Agra said.

The Indian government is considering banning animal husbandrous in some areas of the country, but it has not yet taken any steps on a ban on it.

India’s health ministry says animal owners should not eat, touch or drink blood from an animal.

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