Haryana’s animal husband, dairy, and beef industry have to ‘stay on task’

A week after he became the face of Haryas anti-graft crackdown, Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal has now come out with his own animal husband and dairy, beef and poultry-related advice for his own countrymen.

The AAP’s Chief Election Officer Anand Sharma has reportedly made the controversial recommendation to the government to allow farmers to keep cows and sheep, and even allow them to graze their animals at the farm.

According to the Times of India, the advice was given on Monday to Agriculture Minister M K Aggarwal and Deputy Minister Arjun Singh, and was made public as part of the government’s beef and chicken ban.

Sharma’s office later clarified that the advice, which was “unprecedented in the country,” had come from the Animal Husbandry Advisory Committee (AHCAC), which has been meeting in Delhi since July.

Sharma has repeatedly made it clear that he believes in protecting the livelihood of farmers and the environment, but has also spoken out against the “toxic environment of beef”.

Earlier this month, Sharma told reporters that he would not let the farmers get the benefit of cow protection schemes.

The beef ban, he said, was an attempt to bring back the “old days of ‘chow-chow'” and bring back cow protection.

The government has been making efforts to bring about a return to “chow chow” practices, but Sharma has said he does not support the efforts.

The move comes amid the beef ban and protests that have erupted across the country over the past two months, and the growing threat of a meat shortage.

In an earlier statement to the media, Sharma said, “We have decided to give the go-ahead for the animals to graveyards and the land to be used for farming purposes.”

He added that he had also written to the Home Minister to ensure the implementation of the animal husbandries policy.

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