When dogs are not your pets: When it comes to caring for animals, it’s the human that should do it

Posted July 06, 2019 12:38:32A woman who has adopted four young dogs from a shelter has had to make do with a handful of them.

Riley Huddleston, 44, from Brisbane, has adopted the six dogs from the Victoria-based Animals at Home Dogs and Cats rescue and is trying to find a permanent home for the five that she brought home.

She is considering euthanising them as well, but admits she’s always been reluctant to give up her beloved dogs.

“The biggest thing is that I’m still very much attached to the dogs,” she said.

“I’ve had to get over my reluctance to give them up, but it’s only a matter of time until I’m prepared to give [them up].”

Riley’s first rescue, for five dogs, was in 2009.

“My first rescue was in 2006,” she told ABC News.

“It was just me, a cat, and four kittens.”

In 2007, I had the opportunity to work with [a] young couple who were trying to adopt a family of four.

“They were in the process of getting married, and had four kids and two dogs and were looking for a new home for their pets.”

Riley and her partner were initially reluctant to adopt any animals because of the costs involved, but they decided to do it because it was the right thing to do.

“We were trying desperately to keep up with the demands of our job,” she explained.

“As a mum, it was really tough.

We didn’t have the time to spend on our pets.”

So when we got into the rescue industry, it gave us a bit more time to make that decision.

“Rice and dog foodShe said her first pet, a dog named Pepper, was about 10 months old and had been in a crate.”

She’d been a dog my whole life and it’s taken her a long time to get used to a house, and I’m not a very experienced dog breeder, so it was just a case of, ‘OK, this is what it’s like to have a dog,'” she said, adding she loved her little girl dearly.”

When I started doing it, I started seeing how easy it was for my dog to take care of the dogs.

I’d have a crate with a bowl of dog food in it and he’d get to it and clean it up and stuff.

“And Pepper had been around for six years, so I thought, ‘well, it’ll take a little bit of time before I start giving him food and feeding him, but that’s OK’.”

When she first started, Riley didn’t even have to wash her hands.

“Because Pepper was in the crate, I was able to go in there and wash them,” she recalled.

“You can go out and do that, and you can clean up the mess that you’ve made.”

In time, Riley found that her dogs were able to interact with her and her two daughters, aged six and five, who were in different homes.

“Once I got Pepper home, she was much more involved in the lives of the kids,” Riley said.

She said the dogs’ interactions with her kids had also changed, with her now more of a role model for the girls.

“With Pepper, she would come to me with a little basket and a few bowls of dog feed, and then she would sit on my lap, and she’d sit with me and she was very protective of us,” she added.

“But with Pepper, they were so different.”

Pepper loved being on the table with us, and the girls loved playing with her.

Rochelle, two-year-old white labradorSource: ABC NewsShe said she had also noticed a change in her husband’s attitude towards his dogs.”

But Pepper and the boys would get together and play in the mud, and it was so different to what we were doing at the house.”

Rochelle, two-year-old white labradorSource: ABC NewsShe said she had also noticed a change in her husband’s attitude towards his dogs.

Rice said she was also beginning to learn that dogs could be trained to behave better, but still need to be taken care of.

“There was one time when Pepper was a bit bit too aggressive,” she noted.

“He went off at the end of the night, and one of the other dogs was there and Pepper was looking after him, so he’d gone off.”

When Riley asked him to take the dogs off, she said he just sat there, and they never went out again.

“A lot of my experience with dogs is that they’re like a pack of wolves,” she remembered.

“If I’m being aggressive towards my dog, and he’s getting aggressive, it can make me feel angry, but I don’t know how to change it.”

Roche said Riley was not a bad

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