NSW’s NT industry leader on bionic dog

NSW’s first bionic cat is the world’s first to be bred using a special breed of genetic modification.

The NT’s only domestic cat was the last one bred using this technology.

Bionic Cats will be bred to provide more health and welfare options for the cat, which can also be trained to walk on its own and for other animals.

Read moreThe NT Government is currently researching ways of creating bionic cats for the public to test, but is not planning on starting this in the foreseeable future.

“We’re looking at the technology for the next five years and the technology will evolve,” Chief Minister Peter Dutton said.

“We are currently in discussions with industry.

It’s a very exciting time for the industry and I’m confident the technology is ready to be applied to the market.”

A few other companies in the world have taken to the bionic world, including a company called Nanosensory, which aims to create a device that mimics the function of hearing.

“What you’re really looking at is a bionic ear,” Dr Rufus Sorensen, the company’s chief technology officer, said.

“That’s the next frontier, the next thing in the field of bionic technology.”

The NT has one of the lowest rates of heart attacks in the country, which has led to many scientists looking to the technology to help improve the country’s healthcare system.

In a bid to increase the number of cats in the industry, the Government is working with the NT Animal Husbandry Council to introduce a new breed, the Companion Bionic, which will be available by 2019.

The Government has also said it will introduce new measures to make the industry more transparent.

“I am absolutely determined that the NT’s veterinary and animal welfare systems are as safe as possible for animals in the veterinary sector,” Dr Sorenesen said.

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