The story of the elephant in the room

By Jonny Young-Kerr”We were in the field and the elephant was just sitting there looking at us.

It was a beautiful moment.

But the elephant has a habit of looking at me, so I walked off and called the police, who said there was a very large elephant in that area.”

It was the middle of August, and the park’s resident elephant, a male named Shobhan, was resting in a grove of bamboo at the edge of the park.

As he sat there, the sun was shining, and he was just getting warmed up.

“I was sitting there, watching the sun go down, and I heard this very strange noise coming from the side of the jungle, which was really strange, I think,” Shobhar told ABC News.

“It sounded like a rattlesnake, it was like the sound of a lion, it’s kind of like a snake in the jungle.

So I looked up and I thought: ‘What’s happening?’.”

I went to check on the elephants and I found them really distressed and I went up and hugged them and they said: ‘Thank you’.

“They’re really nice animals, they’re very gentle and gentle.

They don’t bite you and they don’t scratch you, and they just relax.”

The park has a reputation for being a safe haven for elephants, but Shobh’s case illustrates just how vulnerable elephants can be.

Shobhan was shot after an elephant wandered into the park, where a young female named Gopal had been playing in a nearby clearing.

The park, which is about 300km from Bangalore, has had elephants in the park for about 50 years, and Shobbhans life had been fine for most of that time.

“They are very protective of the animals, and it’s been a long time, so they don, they can be quite aggressive,” Mr Young-Kelly said.

“The animals are very docile animals, so it was just a matter of the time it took for them to get over the fear.”

Shobh and Gopal were the last living members of the species of elephant known as the bull elephant, and there are about 250 in the wild.

“That’s not to say they’re not dangerous,” Mr Lee said.

“They have been very, very violent, they have killed people, they’ve killed cows and sheep, and that’s something that is a concern for us.”

The elephants’ lives are very fragile, and sometimes the deaths are very traumatic.

Shobha’s death has been widely reported, and his father, Shobhr, has been very vocal about it.

“There is no doubt in my mind that Shobhya is the victim of a violent act by an animal,” Mr Shobhai said.

But Mr Lee, the park ranger, said he had been given a very tough time by the incident.

“We had to deal with the situation quite extensively, and we were asked to make several trips into the forest, and when we got to the top of the hill and saw the elephant there, it gave us quite a fright,” he said.

Mr Lee said that, while he could not comment on Shobhmans exact circumstances, he did say that there was “no doubt in our mind” that the incident was violent and that the elephant must have been “tough”.

“It was very disturbing, we had to have some kind of intervention on the elephant,” Mr Lees said.

The elephant’s death comes at a time when the Indian government is facing criticism over its handling of the elephants in its protected areas.

India’s Wildlife Service (WS) has issued an emergency decree for all elephants in seven protected areas, including its national parks, after two elephants died in the country.

In response, the Indian National Tiger Alliance (INTA), which is representing the national park, said the authorities were not taking adequate measures to protect elephants.

In its latest response, INTA said: “The WS has failed to provide adequate and safe access for wildlife and their habitat.”

It is also unclear how the elephants died.

A WS spokesperson told ABC Radio: “We can’t comment on the circumstances surrounding the death of a wildlife, but we can confirm that we have taken a proactive approach in securing access for animals to the park.”

In a statement, INT said:”The death of one of our animals is very distressing.

This is a tragic loss of life and an extremely traumatic experience for all the families affected.

The BBC has contacted the WS for comment.”

The family of Shobhy has been notified and we are deeply saddened and grieving the loss of their beloved companion.”INTA has been working closely with the Wildlife Service to secure their immediate release and is in close contact with the family.

“The BBC has contacted the WS for comment.

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