Telangana to start banning dogs in public spaces

Telangan state government on Monday said it will ban all dogs in parks, roads and private homes by March 31.

In an effort to protect the environment, the state government is asking the public to refrain from touching dogs in private areas, such as parks, as well as the public in private houses.

“There is no reason to keep dogs in the home,” said Chief Minister K. Radhakrishnan.

“It is only necessary for the dog owner to clean up after his pet.

The dog should be confined in the house.”

While the state has taken measures to make the state a safer place, it is not a panacea.

The state has been hit with several incidents of dog bites, including one that killed a dog that had been attacked by a group of men, including a man with a history of violent behavior.

The chief minister has said he wants the state to implement a dog-proof fence at all public spaces.

There are already measures in place to keep pets in a safe environment, including dog-caring classes and dog parks.

But as far as the state is concerned, there is nothing wrong with a dog.

When asked if he would enforce the ban on dogs, Radhakan said, “This is the government’s policy.”

Telangana is a mostly rural state where nearly 90 per cent of the population lives in the district.

The average annual salary of a Telangans wage earner is Rs 10,000, and many rural residents rely on government benefits for their daily living.

Telagans are not the only ones concerned about the state’s animal husbandries.

Animal rights activists are also trying to force the state, with the help of local NGOs, to implement the recommendations of a study by the Wildlife Protection Research Institute.

At least 15,000 stray animals are euthanized each year, according to a report by the NGO, which is the official body for animal welfare research in the state.

According to the Wildlife Conservation Society, the euthanasia rate for stray animals is up to 70 per cent.

The country has one of the highest rates of dog-related deaths in the world.

Read more about Telangaad and animal husbandrying in the National Geographic series, “The World of Animals.”

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