What to expect as India’s wildlife emergency grows

An animal husband and wife in Maharashtra are being treated for the flu after a bird that was found dead in their home died of the virus.

Key points:The couple have been in quarantine for several weeks after a small bird died in their houseAn animal rescue organisation has come forward to help the couple as the situation worsensAnimal rescue groups say they have received a number of reports of a sick animal in their homes in the past fortnightThe couple are currently in quarantine after the bird that died in the home died.

A team from the Animal Rescue Network (ARN) came forward to rescue the bird and a veterinary team has been dispatched to assist the couple.

The ARN said the bird died on Wednesday and the animal rescue team was contacted by the authorities on Thursday.

The couple is being treated in hospital for the influenza, and ARN president and chief executive officer Shashi Kumar Sharma said the death was due to the flu.

“The couple has been in a quarantine for a number, of weeks and have received numerous reports of sick animals in their residence,” he said.

“They are now in quarantine.

The family is being asked to remain in the hospital for at least six weeks, and their isolation period is to continue.”

Arrests have been made and there have been attempts to contact the couple.

“Mr Sharma said that ARN was also assisting the veterinary team in the hunt for the bird.

The Bird Rescue Network has come out in support of the couple, saying the bird had not been seen in its home for more than two weeks.”

We are now following the reports of dead birds that have been found in the house, and are making sure the bird is brought to the rescue centre to be examined,” Mr Sharma said.”[We] are also assisting with the hunt to find the bird, which we hope to do within the next couple of days.

“The ARLN has been assisting the couple since the beginning of the week.

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