What do you know about animal husbandries?

Animals are a major part of the Australian diet and have been for thousands of years.

They are a part of our culture, our food, our entertainment and we are proud of our heritage and history.

But with the introduction of the meat and dairy industries, there have been a lot of changes in the way we eat animals.

The first change came in the 1970s when we began to consume animals from the factory farms that produced meat and eggs.

The animals were slaughtered, often with live animals inside the cages, in large numbers, before they were killed, often by injection or by electrocution.

In the 1980s, we began eating the animals in the backyard and backyard sheds, often from farms that were not inspected by authorities.

There was no regulation and the slaughterhouses were unregulated.

And by the 1990s, many of the slaughter houses in the suburbs were closed down, and the only way to get meat from them was to go to supermarkets.

Many of the supermarkets have since closed down or been forced to close.

Now, it is becoming more difficult to get animal products from these farms.

One of the main reasons for this is the growth in the number of animals raised on farms.

They have been bred in smaller cages and confined in small enclosures, in conditions that can lead to disease and illness.

More importantly, they have been raised in such conditions that they can become ill and die.

This is known as the ‘meat and dairy industry’.

Animal husbandry experts from the Animal Welfare Alliance are working with a number of organisations to get more people to eat less meat and more plant-based foods.

They are also working with governments to make animal husbandrialling more acceptable.

A recent national survey showed that almost one in five people said they would like to change their diet.

But there is a huge amount of information out there about the issues surrounding animal husbandrisings and their impact on the environment, animal welfare and the health of animals.

We asked animal husbandrier experts if they had any advice for people who want to change the way they eat animals and reduce their environmental footprint.

What you need to know about animals and their welfare: Animal health: The majority of Australians eat meat and the majority of those who do so are vegetarians.

Meat is an important source of protein, calcium and vitamins.

Animal products are also rich in protein, vitamin A and calcium.

Animal welfare: Animals are very intelligent and they have a complex nervous system and digestive system.

They can eat, digest and digest food.

Animal welfare groups have identified several environmental issues that could impact on animal welfare.

These include: pollution, water pollution, antibiotics, the environmental impact of animal farming, the impact of antibiotics on humans and livestock, the impacts of antibiotics in the food chain and more.

Environmental impact of livestock production: Meat production in Australia has an environmental impact that is not only on the animals, but on the planet.

We need to be very conscious of this and do what we can to make the most of this opportunity.

Eating less meat, more plant foods: We can reduce our environmental impact by eating less meat.

If we want to eat more plant and less animal products, we need to reduce the amount of meat and animal products we eat.

We also need to take into account the health and welfare of animals when we are eating.

Vegetarianism: There are over 100 vegans around the world.

We are eating meat from animals raised in animal farms.

Vegans often eat plant foods that have more animal-friendly ingredients, such as beans, lentils, peas and potatoes.

Animals raised for meat and veg do not have the same health issues as those raised for animal products.

Poultry, fish and eggs: Protein is important for all of us.

We need to make sure we eat enough protein to meet the needs of our bodies.

Eating less meat will help you meet this.

Find out more about animal welfare

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