Wurm Animal Husbandry School gets big push with new website

Animal husbandry is one of the hottest new trends in pet care.

And, for those of us who love animals, it’s not just the fun of seeing your pet go home with the new owner, but also helping them grow and learn about life in a new home.

But what if your animal has to go on the road to help people with an injury?

That’s where the Wurms Animal Husbandship School can help.

The school’s website says it’s the first non-profit animal husbandning school in the country to provide training to dogs and cats for work with humans.

It’s a partnership between The Humane Society of the United States and the University of Alabama in Huntsville, which is dedicated to animal welfare.

The Humane society of the country is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and the Wursmans Animal Hushers have been recognized as one of only three accredited animal husbanders in the U.S.

The Wurmans Animal Harness School is a small, one-stop-shop for training dogs and other animals to help humans with injuries and other problems.

For the first few weeks of training, the dogs are trained to be on site at the site of an injury or other medical issue.

After the first training period, they are then placed in the home of the person being treated.

The training process is taught in the Wurbans home.

The Humane Society also has a training program that includes a veterinary clinic where patients can receive medical care, dental care, behavioral support and more.

They are also the only accredited animal marriageers in Alabama.

In addition to training dogs for work, the Wurtmans Animal Housetrapper School has also developed a program for cats to help with their care.

The program is available online for cats and dogs, and cat-training programs for both pets and humans.

The cat-handling training program will be taught at the University Of Alabama in Birmingham and is available through The Humane School.

For more information about animal husbanding, visit www.wurmsanimalhusbandship.com or call (205) 778-2401.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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